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January 23, 2010 / ebretzel


If you’re like me, you amuse yourself in traffic by staring at the letters on license plates and making up words. For example, HRT becomes “Heart” and DNT becomes “Donut.” Then I start thinking, oh yeah I do love donuts!

Then you get the 3 letter abbreviations like SNL, ETA, BTW or ones that just sound funny: BAP, POW, MEH. (If you see me while I’m driving I’ll most likely be muttering to myself like a madwoman.)

Once in a while you get a REAL treat and see a vanity plate with an actual word on it, or something that looks like a word but you can’t quite figure out what it means. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve compiled a short list of plate words that I have observed.

First, your obligatory sports fanatics:
(boooooooooooo, on a Nebraska Plate)

And others:
JPG (I can only assume this person is a member of the Joint Photographic Experts Group)
WLLFX4U (on a service van)
(I laughed when I saw this one, someone is declaring to the world “yes, I am creepie and proud of it”)

I think if I got a vanity plate it might say BRETZEL. Or we could be sick and get BRTZEL1 and BRTZEL2, I don’t think Ryan would go for it though. What do you think? I guess it’s not very original. Maybe CRAFTY1, or GRNMAB since I have grandma-like tendencies to knit or bake cookies whenever possible.




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  1. hank / Jan 25 2010 11:23 am

    I saw one yesterday that said NE1410S. Anyone for ???. Is 10s slang for something? Bowling?

    • ebretzel / Jan 25 2010 11:40 am

      Need 1’s for 10’s? Maybe a frequent strip club goer?

  2. Katie / Jan 25 2010 12:13 pm

    Ooo…I like CRAFTY1..SYNCRO1?

    I would do something like … YRFACE9….or KPROCKS….maybe SHEB4LF….


    • ebretzel / Jan 25 2010 12:19 pm

      How about SNKRSWM! Synchronized swimming is way too long to abbreviate into 7 letters or less.

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