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March 4, 2010 / ebretzel

Dreaming of Paradise

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to enjoy an amazing trip to the Caribbean with my husband Ryan. Now that I’m back, it all seems like it was a dream. I keep trying to recapture the feeling of intense sunlight on my face and the sound of ocean waves crashing on glistening, white sand. All I have left now is those memories, and photographs that documented our brief sampling of island life and the humongous ship that brought us there.

In the next several posts I will attempt to recreate for you (all 3 of my loyal readers) my glimpse of paradise and what I took away from it.

The Trip
We departed VERY early Sunday morning for the aiport, thanks to our awesome friend Leah who agreed to chauffeur us to the airport at 4:30am. Of course, Ryan was not quite ready and the last one in the car. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were bumped up to first class on our flight!!! What a great Valentine’s day present. Ryan was convinced that we had somehow checked the box for first class when printing out our boarding passes and that we were paying $300 for our cushy seats and complimentary drinks. But all’s well that ends well and we indeed just got upgraded for free. I have to tell you, after that it was hard going back to coach’s plastic wrapped meals and meager leg space, but somehow we survived.

We shared our harrowing cab ride to the cruise ship with a lovely couple from Houston. It was merely an introduction to the crazy driving that we were yet to experience on the islands. As we got closer we could see the cruise ship looming in the distance. The ship we were staying on has 18 decks, the top one being a nightclub. We were upgraded somewhere along the way to deck 15 “Lido” which was the one with all the pools and food on it. :D

Here you can see Ryan walking towards the ship – it’s so huge you can’t even see the top of it! Our cabin did not have a balcony, but it didn’t really matter since we could walk right out to the pool if we really wanted to.

On our Bon Voyage night we stood on the deck and watched as Puerto Rico slowly drifted off into the distance until all we could see was the black water, sky and stars.

Next up: St. Thomas!


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  1. Becca / Mar 12 2010 10:25 pm

    Hahaha… we must be in the same frame of mind as I’ve just blogged a travel post too! yay!

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