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June 22, 2010 / ebretzel

There is such a thing as free shoes

Shoes. Free. Two words that don’t belong in the same sentence together, right? Wrong! A few weeks ago one of my co-workers came over and plunked a big ol’ pile of shoes onto the table. “These came in the mail,” she explained, “Free for the taking!” I don’t know about your office, but at my office nothing draws a bigger crowd at our office than free stuff or babies, so almost instantly there was a swarm of people around the shoes. We quickly discovered that they were not pairs and they were all size 6-7. Luckily, some people with smallish feet were able to find lefts and rights that matched. Too bad for the rest of us.

Then someone actually read one of the tags on the shoes that said we could actually order a NEW pair in our size and in a variety of styles. Woo Hoo! Free shoes, here I come!

My shoes arrived yesterday and I think they are pretty cute. The place doing this crazy promotion is called Oka b. and since I work for a magazine publisher I guess they figured that the best way to get us to write about them is by sending us free shoes! If you are reading this right now their marketing plan just worked!

Their shoes are all made out of this weird, rubber substance that they say is vegan friendly. From what I can tell, once you get past the strange feel, they are pretty comfortable. And when you’re done wearing them you can send them back to the company and they will chop them up and make them into new shoes. I think that’s pretty neat, but I doubt most people will pay to ship them back rather than to throw them away for free.

So there you have it. Free shoes.



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