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September 24, 2010 / ebretzel

Stripes Ahoy!

My latest hat for The Ships Project (warning: 90’s website design with cheesy midi soundtrack). Despite the terrible website, it really is a cool project and basically a one-woman show. People from all over the country knit hats, booties and other items that get sent to overseas troops in hospitals, ships and on the ground. They mail them all to Ellen in Florida who then sorts and repacks them to send to U.S. soldiers. Colorful hats such as this, knit in acrylic, can only go to people on the ships. The idea is to send “hugs from home.” Young men and women receive boxes full of warm hats and cool ties that often save lives and show them that they haven’t been forgotten.

Sports team colors are the most popular on the ships, so (since I happened to have orange and blue yarn) I am hoping that this particular hat will find its way into the hands of a Bears fan. I plan to knit up a black wool hat or two to send to ground forces as well. They can only get 100% wool items because if they happen to catch fire, wool naturally puts itself out whereas acrylic will melt and burn the wearer’s head. I’m pretty sure that if my head caught on fire I wouldn’t want to exacerbate that with a hat that continues to melt and burn. Gruesome!



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