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September 29, 2010 / ebretzel


I found out a few days ago that my sister Carrie, who is adventuring in Korea for the spring semester, went bungee jumping for the first (and only, I think) time in her life. I found a crazy website called Xgame Resort. You can see her free-falling in the photo above. I think I could die extremely happy without ever experiencing bungee jumping, but I have to say I am in awe of her.  The platform she jumped off of is the tallest one in Korea, locate in Inje – the sport capital of the country.

This whole thing got me thinking – why do people shout “Geronimoooooo!” when they jump off of things? So off to wikipedia I ran. I suppose a lot of people might know the legend but here’s a quick recap for ya. Geronimo, or “one who yawns,” was a prominent Native American figure in the late 19th century. He is famous for being a fearless war leader and there is even a cave named after him where he supposedly escaped from the U.S. army through a second entrance. His band of Apaches were one of the last to resist the U.S. occupation of the wild, wild west.

That’s all pretty cool, but why do people shout “Geronimoooooo!” when they jump off of things? Turns out there was a movie called Geronimo – which has since been remade several times – in which the character Geronimo yells his own name while jumping off of a cliff, mimicking another real-life, daredevil escape by the real guy.

So there you go. Geronimo was pretty bad-ass if you ask me. Just look at his picture, I wouldn’t have wanted to mess with him.


Carrie, I sure hope you shouted his name as you plummeted down 50 meters in a free-fall.



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  1. Becca / Nov 2 2010 3:30 pm

    Dude, bungy jumping started in NZ. We’re bungy jumping capital of the world. But personally I’d prefer to skydive. Bungy jumping is not really my thing. Apparently if you did it naked, they’d let you go for free in Queenstown. But then everyone just did it naked so that offer no longer applies.

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