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September 29, 2010 / ebretzel


I’ve conceded to the fact that I am not a Twilight fan. I really did try by reading the first book, but it just didn’t do much for me. Normally I totally dig vampires, aliens, horror, comics and sci-fi in general. I am even a Harry Potter fan, though not a die-hard one. Speaking of my boy HP, how crazy is this? Quidditch For Muggles. My little sister was invited to join a Quidditch team in Eau Claire and sent me this link. It’s mind-boggling, really. Especially the holding-the-broom-between-the-legs bit. If she actually joins the team I am so there with my maroon and gold striped scarf to cheer her on.

Anyway, back to my point: Llamas.


One of the cute li'l llamas from Pine Haven Llamas

What the heck does anything I just babbled about have to do with llamas? Well those cute little creatures are so warm and fuzzy that people raise them for the sole purpose of hacking off their hair and spinning it into yarn. Baby llamas rival only chinchillas in flufftacularness.

Last year, on a typical Mother’s Day jaunt to the llama show at the county fairgrounds, my mother and mother-in-law (not to outdo one another) each purchased me a beautiful skein of llama wool. Someone at Pine Haven Llamas in WI took the time to shear Bob the llama, twist his wool little-by-little with their own two hands into yarn, and then wrap it into a hank and sell to me! Wow. In fact, if you were so inclined, you could buy yourself one of those goofy llamas (like our friend on the left here) for a couple thou and whip up some yarn of your own!

Having neither the time nor funds to own my own llama I was certainly satisfied to have others do the hard work for me. And so I carefully put my handspun skeins on the yarn shelf and contemplated for a good year how I would live up to Bob the llama’s expectations and create the most amazing thing out of his wool.

Occasionally I turn on the internets and go on free pattern collection sprees. Over the course of time I have amassed a good little stash of links and pdfs of things that I find interesting and may someday knit. Among those things were Bella’s Mittens – modeled after the Twilight character Bella, who wore similar mitts in one of the movies. Aaaaaaand it’s all coming full circle.

Delicious cables combined with super soft llama wool yarn = Emily is in knitting heaven. I really do have Twilight to thank for inspiring a fanatic knitter to spend her time coming up with a free pattern for me to copy. I’m super psyched to whip those puppies out and wear them this winter.

I changed my mind several time about how to combine the two llama skeins together since they are different colors, which doesn’t really mesh with the pattern. I finally settled on switching colors every row. Since they are earthy tones they blend really well and I think I’m already in love. With llamas. But then, that’s nothing new.



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