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November 1, 2010 / ebretzel

Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch!

On Saturday night we went out for Halloween dressed like the Peanuts gang dressed up for Halloween. The costume evolved from an idea that we had for quite a while to create giant paper maché heads like this or this. It would have been funny, but also rather difficult to execute. As Briana and I were looking for inspiration on we found images from the It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Halloween special and it was like a “THAT’S IT!” moment.

From then on, it was our mission to recreate the Peanuts as they were dressed for trick-or-treating. The great thing about these costumes, is that most of them don’t take a lot of prep work. You must have, of course, a Charlie Brown to make the whole thing cohesive. Next most recognizable would be Lucy in her witch mask (after all, one must choose a costume that is in direct contrast to her own personality). We decided that the coonskin cap ghost and the person wearing the other mask would be the next most interesting choices.

Clearly, the toughest part of this assignment would be to create an accurate, 3D representation of the masks. Using stills from the Great Pumpkin special as a guideline we modified blank male masks with paper maché and craft paint. The results were, well, pretty scary, but I think we were mostly accurate. The cartoon never reveals who the other characters are under their costumes, but we can guess that they might be Schroeder, Violet and Peppermint Patty. Sally and Linus skip trick-or-treating to wait for the Great Pumpkin.

One of my favorite moments of wearing the costumes was arriving at the party in costume, ringing the doorbell and saying “TRICK-OR-TREAT!” Confused, our host Dan said, “Oh, you’re a day early!” and reached for the candy bucket. He figured out a second later that we were actually there for the party when we started to step into the house. He recognized our characters right away, and could have possibly been the only one to know who we were.

A scene from "Demons 2" where the dog turns into a demon dog.

As the night progressed we were treated with viewings of such theatrical delights as “Demons” and “Demons II” along with some others from Dan’s private horror movie collection. He had (I kid you not) hundreds of DVD’s in the horror genre. The man revels in Halloween. Some other classic moments of the night: Chippendale man stripping down and prancing around the room in only a man thong and bowtie no less than 3 times during the evening; Briana being mistaken for a unicorn and Matt being called a “Bloody Ghost” (he was obviously a hot dog!); And last but not least, a guest passing out on the bathroom floor.

Notable homemade costumes included Gorton’s fisherman and Morton’s Salt girl, Inspector Gadget, Guy with a chainsaw arm from Evil Dead II (I had never seen this movie until last night), Carrie, and of course Chippendale guy.

All in all I would say it was a successful Halloween night. I even almost convinced Ryan to get a cat.



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