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December 9, 2010 / ebretzel

Happy Anna’s Day!

Today, December 9th, is Anna’s Day, one of Sweden’s “name days.” In 1901 they assigned a name to almost every day of the year. Some notable names include Edit (Halloween), Eva (Christmas Eve) and Viktoria (March 12th, my birthday!) If you have a Swedish name, or know a Swedish version of your name, you might find your own day here.

Anna’s Day is special because it is the day that you must start to prepare the lutefisk in order for it to be ready by Christmas. For those of you who are not of Scandinavian heritage (or not from Minnesota) here’s the lowdown on lutefisk. It starts out as a white fish and is gradually transformed into a smelly, gelatinous blob through a process of preparing the fish with lye and then, as lye is toxic, soaking the fish in water to remove the lye.

It is then eaten with much merriment with spicy sauce and bacon on Christmas.

I, personally, have never worked up enough courage to try lutefisk. However I think I would jump at the chance were I given a choice between that and Balut. (Warning: Images may disgust the weak of stomach.) Balut is basically a partially developed duck or chicken that is eaten directly out of the eggshell. In the Philippines and Southeast Asia it is considered to be quite the delicacy, and you might even be able to find them in the U.S. at an Asian Market somewhere if you dare to try it.

For a list of other terrifying foods that people actually eat, including maggot-filled cheese, and rice wine with baby mice, check out this article.

Lutefisk is starting to look pretty good, eh?



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  1. Becca / Dec 12 2010 5:11 pm

    EWWWW!!! I think the maggot ridden cheese actually sounds the most disgusting. And I would definitely try Lutefisk before any of that other stuff!!! GROSS!

    LOL, thanks for sharing. I’m going to go vomit now.

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