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February 14, 2011 / ebretzel

Happy Heart Day! <3

Love it or hate it, there’s always room for some cute heart-shaped animals on Valentine’s day! I tried to find the story behind the photos as well. Now for your viewing pleasure, HEART ANIMALS!

Slowly spreading the love - Mr. Snail.

Meet "Heart-kun" a Japanese Chihuahua with a big heart!

"Old Spot" piglet with a heart spot!

Say hello to "Heart" the calf! Born just in time for V-day 2009

Love Kitten from a Humane Society photo contest.

"Nam Choke" and "Boonrawd" (babu cow elephants) show the love

This baby Emporer penguin wears his heart on his chest. Apparently a natural formation when they are molting!

Ok so this is not "natural" but I had to end with a hamster!



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  1. Becca / Feb 22 2011 10:28 pm

    Ohmigod so cute! My new kitten criteria is to have a distinctive shape on it if it’s spotted… LOL.

    Also, we actually have snails like that here. Only, not with a red shell. But otherwise exactly like that. Weird, eh?

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