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April 13, 2011 / ebretzel

CamPeeping in the Boundary Waters

It’s that time of year again. Time for sugary goodness in the form of syrupy eggs, gelatinous beans, and of course marshmallows covered in sugar. But these glorious Easter goodies are not just for satisfying our sugar cravings. They have a second, loftier purpose. Dioramas.

The above photo is the fabulous entry that Briana and I created for the Pioneer Press Peeps diorama contest. (Vote for us!!) We are pretty proud of our work.

Here’s how we incorporated the peeps:
• Clouds – snowman peeps
• Trees and Shrubs – xmas tree peeps
• Sun – marshmallow surrounded by yellow bunny peep ears
• Loons – painted chich peeps
• Bears – bear peeps (no altering necessary!)
• CamPeepers – yellow bunny peeps with felt shirts and toothpick props

I have to give a shout out about the sign as well, since Briana hand cut all of those pretty little letters. The rocks are real rocks, and the sand is made from crushed graham crackers.

Close-up images below.

Impressive, no? We thought we had the competition in the bag. That is, until we saw this entry. That’s right folks, someone recreated THE ENTIRE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR out of peeps. They even carved mini peep butter-heads.

We’re going to have to step up our game next year if we want to beat them. We’re thinking about starting a committee.

For other fabulous peep creations check out the Washington Post Peep Diorama contest. They have neat little videos that explain the diorama-making process.



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  1. Becca / May 2 2011 11:44 pm

    Okay, those people who created the entire state fair?! I’m not gonna lie, that pretty much blew my mind. I’m assuming they won?

    You would need an entire team of extremely creative people to beat that. I mean seriously…. how… can.. you… beat… the… state… fair…???

    Ah… good luck! Someday, I will be in MN and will join your peep diorama making team! Someday… : D

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