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March 22, 2012 / ebretzel

The Mupeeps take Minnepeepolis!

Finally, I present to you the long awaited peeps diorama reveal!

Say hello to The Mupeeps take Minnepeepolis! Please vote for us in the 2012 St. Paul Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama competition!


That’s right folks, we recreated a scene of downtown Minneapolis from the view of the Stone Arch Bridge. Each peep was painstakingly created to resemble most of the main Muppet characters while somewhat retaining some of their delicious, sugar-coated, marshmallow Peep origins. We used a variety of fabrics (mostly felt) for the clothes and the inside of the Mupeeps mouths. We also used many other crafty products including feathers, beads, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and ribbons. Pretty much everything is held together with hot glue or double-sided tape.

Read on for details on construction and close-up photos!

Kermit T. Frog was made out of a Christmas tree peep, which happened to be the perfect color green. His eyes are small painted beads, his necklace, a ribbon, and his arms and legs are, of course, pipe cleaners.

Miss Piggy was originally a pink bunny Peep, and we found special eyelash googly eyes for her. Her hair is craft doll hair, the necklace was a small string of plastic beads, and her dress? Barbie tank top. That’s right, Barbie’s tank tops can double as Peep dresses. Take note, future diorama makers.

Waldorf and Statler are probably my favorite of the characters that we created. Mostly because of the incredible detail that went into them. They each have very distinctive, marshmallow-sculpted facial features and hands. Their hair was created from bits of yarn that was pulled apart, and suits constructed out of felt. Waldorf uses a pipe-cleaner cane, but it’s hiding behind the railing of the balcony. I also love that their theater box is on the endless bridge of the Guthrie. It just seems like a fitting place for them to hang out heckle all the other Mupeeps.

Animal is hanging out King Kong-style on the clock tower of the Minneapolis city hall. He was made out of a tasty, strawberry-creme, heart peep. His face was made out of felt, pipe cleaners and feathers. Animal has an unusual outfit; his pants are ragged leather and his shirt is red fabric with yellow sleeves. He is too primitive to mess around with buttons so he finds it easier to keep his clothes on by tying them with a rope.

Camilla and Rowlf were both made out of chick Peeps. Obviously, one had less feathers than the other. Like Piggy, Camilla has fancy eyelash googly eyes. And yes, that is a delicious chocolate coating on the bottom of Rowlf.

Fozzie is probably the cutest of all the peeps we made. Seriously, how can you resist that adorable sugar-coated face? He has a tiny felt hat, felt eyebrows, marshmallow eyelids, a micro pom pom nose, and a hand-dotted ribbon bowtie. He was originally an orange bunny peep, a color that is scarce around these parts! Scooter was an orange chick, and he has a little green jacket on over a yellow felt shirt. His googly eyes were turned into glasses with the help of a Sharpie marker, and his orange hair is made from bits of yarn.

Here is a close-up shot of our FIMO clay streetlamps. We were working with about a foot of space between where the mupeeps stood and where the city started, so we had to cheat to make the perspective by making each one smaller than the next. Neither Briana or I had ever used FIMO before – we must have missed out on that craze – but they really turned out nice. You probably can’t tell from the photo, but as a bonus, the red clay has glitter in it.

On to the skyline! We chose some of the most distinctive buildings of Minneapolis for our backdrop. Here they are from left to right: Guthrie, Capella Tower, IDS Tower, Mill City Ruins, Minneapolis City Hall, Wells Fargo Tower, North Star Lofts (we did cheat and added a “fake” blue building on the right )


It was quite challenging to figure out how to replicate them using cardboard boxes and scrapbooking papers. I would say the two most difficult features were the halo on the Capella tower and the yellow Wells Fargo top. With some trial and error, makeshift origami, and tape (lots and lots of tape), we managed to make them look pretty decent.

Our diorama took many hours to create, and is our 3rd entry into the St. Paul Pioneer Press contest. We felt that our past 2 entries were quite worthy, (Click here to see our 2011 entry) but unfortunately we have yet to take home a prize or honorable mention. Maybe this year will be our year! We are hoping that our detailed peeps will win over the judges. While we wait for their decision, please vote for us in the Peeples Choice competition!

-Emily, Briana and Dana



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  1. Becca / Mar 26 2012 9:44 pm

    AMAZING! LOVE the detail! I love that Waldorf and Stattler are on the end of the endless bridge at the Guthrie. Nice touch.

    Honestly though, have you been hoarding peeps (e.g. Christmas tree peep?! Really?) all year just for this project?

  2. ebretzel / Mar 27 2012 7:39 am

    Becca. We are in it to win it. Of course we saved peeps!!!


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